We held our opening meeting in April 1989 at Prince Albert Community Centre.  It was our intention to hold regular gatherings there and in fact did for a short time until our activities were to frequent and we needed to find a new home.  I went to the Masonic Hall and we trained there in the downstairs for a year.  This was the time in my life that I wanted to make a change and start teaching full time.  In order to do this a permanent location was needed.  Soon I found the location we are now in was for sale and closed the deal.  We now had a new permanent home.

Many may not remember but our location was originally a Pentecostal Church and when one comes through for the first time they are surprised at the layout and the amount of room.  From the street it appears small but it is 75 feet long with two floors.  It lends itself very well to a Dojo with two training halls, one matted and other wooden floor.  (We will soon have a video tour of our Dojo on this page.)

Having a facility like this is important as it not only gives us a permanent space that can be helpful to create the correct atmosphere but allows us to have a “home” of our own that we can come to and relax with others.  Traditional martial arts training is not about sport, it is about self-development, and health.

There not many places that do not introduce a competitive attitude these days.  We find it important for individuals to train and learn at their own pace and for their own reasons.  You do not have to compare yourself to others, just enjoy moving down your own path.  All are welcome, we like to say from 5 to 75 we have something for you.

Hanshi Sensei Fred H Walker

Video Tour of Dojo

There was a lot of road noise so the intoductory sequence outside has been muted.