Shotokan Karate

Our Shotokan Karate-jitsu program teaches students the techniques of several martial art forms and is led by 8th dan karate expert, Grandmaster Hanshi Fred Walker. Shotokan Karate-jitsu is the most popular Japanese karate style in the world. This approach focuses on straight and powerful technique.

Our Goal

Our intention is to develop a well rounded student in the martial arts, and believe that exposure to a variety of techniques and principles is very important. The martial arts were originally aimed towards life preservation and self-defense, but today people come from all walks of life with their own set of reasons for wanting […]

Kids Corner

  A place for kids and parents to view some  class activities. Ben Colby & Elloit practicing their  mawashi geri (roundhouse) kick Congratulations  Colby our first Student of the Month. You put a lot of effort in your training and are always improving.  We surprised Colby at the end of the class  with these questions so […]