Kids Corner

Kids Corner – A place for kids and parents to view some  class activities. Congratulations Mehar. Our youngest student to earn his yellow stripe. Still not big enough to take on Renhsi.   Theodore & Cambell practicing Ipon Kumite. Odin & Aiden sparring. Pierce & Mehar getting ready to practice sparring.   Congratulations to Jacob […]


Our Shotokan Karate-jitsu program teaches students the techniques of this Japanese-style martial art form and is led by 8th dan karate expert, Grandmaster Hanshi Fred Walker. Shotokan Karate-jitsu is the most popular Japanese karate style in the world. This approach focuses on straight and powerful technique. In the HBK Martial Arts Karate-jitsu program, we also […]


Aikido Durham offers traditional Yoshinkan style classes for students of any skill level at the HBK Centre. Practitioners will learn powerful self defence techniques and appreciation for the beauty in the historical traditions of this art. All within in a non competitive, traditional and fun environment. For more details click here to view Aikido Durham’s […]