Tai Chi

The Tai-Chi program is taught by Sensei Cathy Walker. Cathy is a 2nd degree black belt in karate and a Reiki master. She has studied the internal art of Tai Chi for 8 years and continues her studies with Sifu Chi Wai Lee. The Tai-Chi program is approached from both a health and martial arts […]

Shinjitsu Nai Ku-Do

Shinjitsu Nai Ku-Do: 9 Paths to the Truth Within | Shin-jitsu-nai Ku-do is a martial system focusing on energy at the quantum level. It is based on internal energy understanding and application in the simplest concepts, yet it will not lend itself to children as students. Extremely Effective Holistic Approach Concepts and principles of Shinjitsu […]


HBK Martial Arts offers a very unique Iaido program. Iaido is the traditional Japanese martial art of drawing and cutting with the samurai sword. The purpose of Iaido is to develop awareness, centeredness, sincerity, a calm mind, and mental and physical harmony through the practice of traditional sword techniques. Iaido is a rare and serious […]