“I began my experience with HBK Martial Arts & Wellness Centre when I was 10 years old. Being a girl, I was very nervous about how the training would go when I first joined, but after just a few classes I knew that becoming a member was a great decision. Over the 7 years training at HBK, the instructors have always insured that I felt comfortable during the classes. My experience at this dojo has taught me so many valuable things that I could not have learnt any where else. The dedication it took to prepare and perform at gradings have helped me become so much more confident, and I have met so many wonderful people through the social aspect of the dojo. HBK is like a second family for many of the people who train there, and I am so thankful for what has been taught to me there. This year, as I left home for the first time to start my University career, the self-defence I learnt at HBK has made me feel much more safe and prepared moving to a new city alone. I recommend HBK Martial Arts & Wellness Centre for anyone – but specifically women – looking to improve their focus, confidence, flexibility, or overall athleticism.  – Hailey Collins”

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