May 27th 8pm we had our first “It’s Time” revamp town hall meeting and it was productive.
It went a little longer but everyone had ample opportunity to say their piece and once started it was hard to stop but we did…. at 9:45pm.
OUT COME was: Sensei Rob Goulding is leading the turn around process as he has an extensive background in business administration. He accepted the responsibility to get things organized and moving forward and we have set two sub-committees one Curriculum and the other is Marketing. Several individuals have stepped forward for each of the committees and Sensei Rob has contact information.
Sensei Jim Shullman has offered to set up a place on internet that is private and closed so free ideas and communication can be available at all times.
Many ideas were discussed and shared and it was very encouraging for me.
I will be doing everything I can on the floor and organizationally to get our Dojo at the top of the mountain and the public knowing it.
I will keep everyone up to date as things are implemented.
Please feel free to join in with your ideas and comments here on your website, just hit comments and go for it or email me at Fourteen at our first meeting two of which were parents. Thank you. The Dragon has stood up and stretched, now the work begins.

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