What an exciting time. My creative juices are flowing. Sensei Rob Goulding is doing a great job of spear heading our new fresh redo of all that we are doing and teaching.

We are looking at every aspect of our curriculum, marketing, presentation in classes, grading process, use of our Dojo layout and marketing. A REAL DO OVER WHERE NEEDED.

EVERYONE is getting involved!  EVERYONE is doing what they can in their area of strength! This is what makes us strong and will bring a superior product the community once again.

GRADING CHANGE…… We will name a month and members will be asked to register for their grading which will take place over the entire month.  Every class will be evaluated as will attendance, attitude, tardiness, improvements ect.  At the end of the month evaluation will be documented and decision as to success or not will be announced.

No more grading table or one or two hour grading’s except for Black Belts

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