Another GREAT meeting.  Sensei Rob Goulding took us through what had been done to this point and firmed things up. I would think one more meeting will have everything revamped to Black Belt and it will be implemented. We still need to figure the best way to handle weapons but this will be decided at the next meeting.
Sensei Jim Shullman is working away at furthering our awareness through internet outreach.  To date he has had 68 hits on our webpage.  This is significant and will grow.
Thank you everyone! Even in this holiday month we are moving forward. Very encouraging.
We are going to need some fresh photos depicting Karate-jitsu approach to our training. Some short videos as well. Lets see if we can’t have some movement in this area.
Once again I am thinking Demo Team.  A 9 member team one of which will be me so 8 more.  This will be built slowly with a short focus of perhaps 20minutes and build from there. Anyone interested come see me.  I will start booking times and places very soon to be sure we follow through.
Hanshi Fred WalkerKarate Instructors Port Perry

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