Happy Holiday Season

We have come to the end of another year and what a busy time it has been.

So much has been done with HBK.  It was time after 25 years plus that we had a look at what and how we teach, and this was accomplished with everyone’s input at several levels.  We now have new signage out front and a new refreshed approach inside in almost all areas and it is working.

We are getting new members and rebuilding the Dojo with many new white belt students.  We are lining up inquiries for January which is all great to see.  Stay tuned as 2016 is going to be a new era for HBK.

For those that know about my health issue I will be fine just a something I will deal with and be better than ever.  Thank you so much to all that are doing what they can to keep things going smoothly at the Dojo.

SO HAVE A GREAT SAFE AND MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR AND SEE YOU AT THE DOJO WITH SLEEVES ROLED UP (a figure of speech) RARING TO GO.   First class back Tuesday January 5th same time Renshi Norrish will be waiting.

Please stay safe

Hanshi Walker





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