Kids Corner – A place for kids and parents to view some  class activities.

Congratulation Eli on earning your second yellow stripe

Eli’s Happy Karate face
Eli’s serious Karate face


Renshi & Lochlan with new yellow belt


Sensei Jim & Lochlan with new yellow belt

Lochlan Hanshi & Sensei Jim. Congratualtions on earning your second yellow stripe.


Congratulations Mehar. Our youngest student to ever earn his yellow stripe. Still not big enough to take on Renshi yet.

Theodore & Cambell practicing Ipon Kumite.

Odin & Aiden sparring.

Pierce & Mehar getting ready to practice sparring.


Congratulations to Jacob our June Student of the Month.


A short video of Colby and Wyatt sparring.

Colby tries to slip a kick in under Wyatt’s guard

Ben Colby & Elliot practicing their  mawashi geri (roundhouse) kick

Alisha helping Britney

Kids practicing some Judo

Congratulations  Colby our first Student of the Month. You put a lot of effort in your training and are always improving.  We surprised Colby at the end of the class  with these questions so this is a very raw unrehearsed video. We may redo it later but all our videos are unrehearsed clips from regular classes and we kinda like that.


Kids practicing striking the bag

Sensei Jim helping with bow


Some weapons we teach


Sat Morning Class


Jacob & Elliot with their new orange belt certificates


Carsen with his green belt certificate

Colby with his new blue belt certificate

Congratulations to everyone who graded and got a new belt and certificate!


Kids Kata’s

Carsen Jacob & Elliot practicing Heian Nidan




Kids Self Defense,

Pizza Night Fun – Over Under,



Kids Having Fun Learning to Use The Bo

-Long video

Judo Practice

Judo Practice
Judo Practice